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My garage door remote was giving me some problems. The door would not open. Nicole asked me to bring my remote to the office in order to replace the battery. The next day, Pedro came to my garage unit, confirmed the battery was weak, but it was working; however he also could not resolve the problem. Arturo had the day off, but he came to the garage unit to help. Between the two of them, the issue was resolved. Appeared something was... Read more

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The female managers working there are rude and unwilling to help. You will find different versions of corporate policy from different person. And they do not listen to your concern. She just interrupted you very rude. When you report something needs to fix, you will be ignored and no one come to fix it. when you talk to the female manager, she is patience, and treat you like you are nothing. This is the worst experience i have ever had with a... Read more

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I have been working with arnel for a week on preparing my apartment after some water damage. I am very disaponted with the service I've receive from this company.

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What's up with the creepy man that hangs around the pool waiting to stare at your kids?? I ran him on Meghan's Law, but would like to know his legal name for my own peace of mind. Regards

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After 6 months of living here, I was not verbally told ONCE in person that my car needed a parking permit. Management even gave us TWO gate remotes, and never once notified me that I needed a pass. Cut to today (6 months later), I walk outside and my car is GONE. I thought at first it might've been stolen, but after calling the tow yard, it was absolutely brought there over night. I went into the management office to ask if I had to pay the... Read more

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From day one, we had trouble with the leasing office. We bought the former renters refrigerator , we notified the office and maintenance workers that the refrigerator stayed .They said they threw it out by accident, (we were out $200) Now that I know them, they probably sold it, or just took it. The starter on my car went out & I told the office I waiting for a part and they had it towed after 2 days & being legally parked. The girl in... Read more

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We rented I wish we would have seen all the reviews before hand becoues we would have never given them the time of day we have lived in many differeced places over the years being an army wife so you move alot we never had problems with any kind of bugs we move into there casa madrid apts in anaheim ca we live there two months we had bed bugs every where the maintenance was lazy has *** some were rud someone different in the office every... Read more

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We rented the apartment in south point BB208 it was the worst experience ever it looked like going back in time in the 70th the kitchen had broken drawers a ugly color that looks like a baby vomit the windows had dropping of termites and droppings by the entry door and a hole in the wall Under the window where the dropping came out on the carpet . Then we had roaches in the kitchen and in the storage out side the apartment. The toilet had a... Read more

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unbelievably shad company. 6 months of pure ***. Mold all over the bathroom walls, kids bedroom smelling like wet, moldy, Swamp. Hot bubling water under Apartments lab. I have photos. spiders everywhere, cockroaches everywhere, nails in the carpet, toilet paper roll too far from the toilet and falls off every time you use it, rocks thrown at us in the pool from residence, truck keyed from front headlight to back bumper, backyard slider door... Read more

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Alicia Village/Arnel Management: Alicia Village leasing office has new managers working in the leasing office every other month. Because of the high volume of complaints from loyal tenants having to put up with the low life new ghetto grime that the leasing office brings into the complex for a commission for a new or renewing lease signing or for the month to month rent, any complaint made from the loyal tenant(s) goes unnoticed by both the... Read more

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